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Tobago is one of the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago and are really like siblings- they possess a fierce love and awestruck admiration for each other – yet they are as different as night and day.



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If you are leaving from the UK please check this destinations website for entry requirements along with those of the UK for your return.

The twin island state of Tobago (and Trinidad) is blessed with natural wonders and beauty found nowhere else in the world. Tobago, with its leisure tourism, boasts of its waters teeming with fish, the world renowned Buccoo Reef, Japanese Gardens and much more stunning sea flora, age old rain forests, the Leatherback turtle, exotic bird watching and not forgetting the warmth and friendliness of the people. It is the true capital of paradise.

Whether you seek a quiet encounter with nature either underwater or on the land, whether you are planning a getaway, wedding/honeymoon or a family retreat, a quality experience awaits you in Tobago.

Tobago’s natural beauty offers both tranquillity and excitement to its visitors. A drive around Tobago is a scenic adventure, with a succession of delightful images from the flat coral plain of the south west with its tourism bustle, to the almost forgotten Charlotteville in the north. Charlotteville is hidden on the far side if the Main Ridge hills laid out like an amphitheatre round the magnificent Man o’ War Bay. Tobago will help you let go all the stresses of life in the more fast-paced societies and you will breathe the fresh clean air that last saw land in West Africa. Slow down the pace and re-discover who you really are.

Somethings you might light to see and do:


  • PIGEON POINT – This is the centrepiece of the islands white sandy beaches. Great facilities with shade for a picnic from the almond trees, open sided cabanas, plenty of sun beads, restrooms, showers, restaurants and bars. Its all there for you to enjoy for a modest entrance fee.

  • PIRATES BAY – This is at the opposite end of the island and does not have the facilities of Pigeon Point but it is the ultimate ‘get away from it all’ hideaway.

  • CANOE BAY – Some very spacious grassy areas here, fantastic for young children and the more sporty person and cabanas to relax on and view those stunning Caribbean sunsets. Very calm waters and shallow that ensures a safe environment. The facilities include rest rooms, changing rooms and a snack bar, what more do you need for a stress-free day out.

  • ENGLISHMAN’S BAY – Great swimming and snorkelling here and the beach backed by an abundance of greenery. Food and drink facilities add to the allure of this bay.

  • WORLD CLASS DIVING IN TOBAGO -Tobago has been awarded the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) “Safe Travels” stamp: The world’s first ever global safety and hygiene stamp for travel and tourism, designed specifically to address the Covid-19 outbreak. Tobago is highly regarded as one of the top dive destinations in the Caribbean, blessed with over 50 well- established dive sites. Under the surface, divers will discover unspoilt reefs thick with sponges and corals – including the world’s largest-known brain coral. Amongst the reefs, divers can expect to find closely-huddled schooling fish, moray eels, lobsters and sea horses, as well as headline attractions such as barracudas, tarpons, turtles, nurse sharks and rays.


  • The unspoilt northern Caribbean coast of Tobago has a number of beaches where every year turtles come to nest. The nesting season for the impressive Leatherback Turtles is from March to September, with the hatchlings emerging six weeks after laying. For the rest of the year, if you’re lucky, an encounter with the common Green Turtles or even the Hawksbill Turtle is possible, as these species visit Tobago year-round.​

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