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Saint Lucia is the perfect destination, whether you're after romance, rejuvenation or adventure.



Prices From

Per Person

For 7 nights departing on the 6th October 2021


Prices From

Per Person

For 7 Nights departing on the 15th September 2021.



If you are leaving from the UK please check this destinations website for entry requirements along with those of the UK for your return.

Saint Lucia is one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, it is located midway down the Eastern Caribbean chain, between Martinique and St. Vincent, and north of Barbados. Saint Lucia is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide. The Atlantic Ocean meets its eastern shore, while the beaches of the west coast owe their beauty to the calm Caribbean Sea.

Saint Lucia is the perfect destination, whether you’re after romance, rejuvenation or adventure. A genuine, natural landscape of gorgeous palm-fringed beaches, miles of unspoiled rainforest and the majestic Piton Mountains, are sure to indulge every taste. Natural waterfalls, breath-taking views, friendly locals and authentic culture impress the most travelled individuals for a holiday with lasting memories.  And with its beautiful tropical weather, welcoming accommodations, and unexpected adventures, the perfection of this escape should be shared.

For those planning a family getaway, Saint Lucia would be an ideal destination just grab the kids, your partner and your sunscreen - this is a family holiday that everyone will enjoy. Just about every corner of this tropical paradise of Saint Lucia exhibits breath-taking beauty. St Lucia has also become a dynamic culinary destination and the reason for that is purely because of their Creole heritage.

St. Lucia is the sort of island that travellers to the Caribbean dream about—a small, lush tropical gem that is still relatively unknown.

Somethings you might light to see and do:


  • Cultural Adventures - The Heritage Tourism Programme was established to perpetuate adventures that showcase the natural and cultural aspects of the island. This is a collection that reflects genuine Saint Lucian experiences where you can observe cultural traditions such as cassava making and crayfish catching; delve into a nature park that also displays community living; or dip into the icy waters beneath a cascading waterfall.

  • Eco-Adventures - Not interested in lazing on the beach all day long day after day? Saint Lucia is the right choice for your vacation. Whatever your mood, Saint Lucia can offer you a tour which will enchant you. Wherever you go, colours will mesmerise you. Vistas will astound you. And the tropical air will caress you. You’ll find all of your senses working overtime on Saint Lucia.

  • Sea Adventures - Sea and sun naturally play a large role in the St Lucia’s appeal. Lounging under a thatched hut, exotic cocktail in hand is one way to enjoy the legendary beach scenes of Saint Lucia, but for those who envision more adventurous water activities, most major resorts provide opportunities for such activities as water-skiing, laser or sunfish sailing and windsurfing. For a loftier pursuit, parasailing is available in the Rodney Bay area in the north of the island.

  • Soft Adventures -  Adventures like scenic helicopter excursions, mountain-biking, exhilarating ATV rides or you want to go horseback riding on a stunning beach, it’s all here!

  • Saint Lucia Jazz Festival - The Saint Lucia Jazz festival is now simply referred to as Saint Lucia Jazz. This festival is held every year in May and attracts people from all over the Caribbean, the U.S. and the U.K. For two whole weeks, the entire country pulsates with rhythm. The music is great, the atmosphere is superb, and the fun is immense. Throughout the festival, the best bands and artists in the world play at many venues all over the island.

  • Yachting - You no longer have to wonder and daydream of sailing in sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean. Saint Lucia is also the established home of the Atlantic Rally for cruisers in the Caribbean.

  • Visiting the Only Drive-in Volcano - Saint Lucia has the only drive-in volcano in the world and is not afraid to boast it. Visitors come here all the time to find out about this much talked about drive-in volcano and get to see the “world heritage site status” pitons.

  • Gros Islet Jump Up Street Party - The Gros Islet jump up is probably the most popular street party in Saint Lucia. This party takes place every Friday night from since its inception 11 years ago. People from all walks of life come there to enjoy what Saint Lucia nightlife is all about. The specialty for the evening is barbecued chicken but do not leave until you taste the local dishes. Just ask for where you can find the bouyon, lambi or green fig and salt fish which is by the way Saint Lucia’s national dish.

  • Anse La Raye Fish Friday -  Anse La Raye is located on the east coast of Saint Lucia, a little sleeping village during the day and a buzzing one at night . It is THE place to go to if you’re looking for fresh sea foods especially on Friday nights, where you can find vendors along the road side selling all sorts of fresh fishes like lobsters, shrimp and so many other types of fishes. This party goes on for hours until the early morning.

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