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This Stunning Atlantic Paradise boasts a soothing climate that's comfortable all year round with friendly islanders who readily strike up conversations with all its visitors.



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7 nights.


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For 7 nights



If you are leaving from the UK please check this destinations website for entry requirements along with those of the UK for your return.

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, located off the east coast of North America. It is a place of immense beauty with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and was once written about by the author Mark Twain as “you can go to heaven if you want, I’d rather stay in Bermuda.”


This Atlantic paradise boasts a soothing climate that’s comfortable all year round with friendly islanders who readily strike up conversations with any strangers. Explore the island and discover some of its wonders, from hidden beaches to snorkelling among the Atlantic’s largest and most beautiful coral reefs. Learn to Windsurf, Jet Ski, kayak and much more during your adventure on this genuine tropical paradise.


Bermuda sports 75 miles of pink-sand beaches interspersed with jagged limestone cliffs all surrounded by a crystal clear tranquil coastline. Visit the historic landmarks of Bermuda and learn about the rich culture of the island. Such as the famous Horseshoe Beach Bay, with its long sweeping sandy beach and stunningly clear waters, is a must see for anyone searching for the picturesque settings you only dream about. Or why not take a trip to West Whale Bay Beach where you may be fortunate enough to see humpback whales migrating to their summer feeding grounds.


The capitol of Bermuda is the historic city of Hamilton with its vibrant character and colourful setting, it is a great place to absorb the Bermudian culture as well as enjoy the wonderful array of recreational activities available. The city of Hamilton is a breath-taking blend of both colonial and modern worlds, take a walk through this historic city and absorb the smooth sea breezes, harbour views and the pastel palette of shops, galleries and restaurants, available within this vibrant island capital.


From romantic escapades to family fun; from whale watching to shipwreck diving; you can do it all or you can simply sit back and do nothing. Explore the unique island of Bermuda and you’re sure to find that this won’t be your first visit to this colourful Atlantic getaway.

Somethings you might light to see and do:

  • The Town of St. George - The Town of St. George is the oldest continuously occupied town of English origin in the “new world”. Picturesque cottages, quaint lanes and alleyways and a wealth of historic architecture attract visitors from all over the world. The town and its surrounding fortifications were recently designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO

  • Whale Watching - Bermuda is perfectly positioned between the warm currents of the Gulf Stream to the west, and the Sargossa Sea to the east, placing it ideally within the humpback whales annual journey to its summer feeding grounds. This gives lucky visitors the opportunity to catch a sight of these magnificent animals from the beautiful Barbados coastline, or if you want to get a bit closer to the action, then why not take a boat ride with one of Bermuda’s professional whale watchers, and maybe be one of the fortunate people who catch a glimpse of these wonders leaping from the waters suffice before crashing back into the turquoise sea. (March to April).

  • Fishing - Bermuda offers a whole host of fishing opportunities for all levels of fisherman from just getting started to experts looking to make that big catch. Sporting some of the Atlantics best big-game fishing Bermuda is a world renowned fishing location for anyone who what’s to hit the waves and catch one of many fish found in the surrounding reefs and deep sea. Such big game fish which can be found beneath the tropical seas are Tuna, Wahoo and Marlin.

  • Royal British Naval base - With over 150 years of service as a pinnacle royal navy dockyard, Once named the “Gibraltar of the West “this naval base is definitely a must visit for anyone seeking historical indulgence. With its old stone building and cannons this coastal fortification really does give you a feeling of stepping back in time to when Britain ruled the waves.

  • Crystal caves - 36 metres beneath the ground, these caves sport one of nature’s best kept secrets. Take a magical journey and see the crystal-like pointed structures naturally formed over thousands of years, and entire walls covered with mineral deposits looking like frozen waterfalls, these caves really are spectacular. Venture deeper into the caves and you will find the perfectly still, crystal clear water of the Cahow Lake, creating a perfect mirror like reflection of the already fairy-tale setting.

  • Cathedral of The Most Holy Trinity - Located within the capitol Hamilton, the Cathedral is a living landmark of art and artisanship. Climb the Cathedrals tower for a view wonderful of the vibrant city of Hamilton.

  • Botanical Gardens - If you are looking for something away from the lively capital of Hamilton why not visit Bermuda’s Botanical Gardens. Located not far from Hamilton, this beautiful site is a wonderful oasis, offering the opportunity to take a relaxing stroll through the colourful 36 acre gardens which include, a tropical fruit garden, a palm garden and a miniature forest.

  • Play a round of Golf - The island is a great location to to get your clubs out and enjoy a round or two of golf on one of the 7 championship golf courses, located across this idyllic island. With some of the courses being ranked amongst the world best, you are sure to be offered an array of challenges whilst also being surrounded by this stunning island and wonderful ocean views. As proof of its prestige within the golfing world Bermuda’s Port Royal Golf Club has been the host of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf for the last six years. As well as the world famous Port Royal Gold Club Bermuda also sports, Fairmont Southampton, Riddell’s Bay, Belmont Hills, Ocean View, Mid Ocean Club and Tuckers Point. Proving Bermuda is a must visit for any avid golfer.

  • Water Sports - Pretty much you name it Bermuda has it when it comes to water sports, why not have a go at fly boarding, zip lining jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, kite boarding, paddle boarding, windsurfing and a whole lot more.

  • Shipwreck Diving - For the more adventurers spirited, there are an array of shipwrecks to explore, which is probably why Barbados is considered too be the shipwreck diving capital of the Atlantic. Discover coral crusted shipwrecks from more than five centuries of nautical history and submerge yourself into the wonders of the deep.

  • Snorkelling - Surrounded by some of the Atlantics largest coral reefs, clear turquoise sea, and abundant marine life, it’s no wonder Barbados’s waters are so popular for both experienced and first time snorkelers. Get to see this islands vibrant marine life for yourself with a wide range of snorkelling locations to visit. If you fancy something with a bit more muscle why not try the “power snorkelling adventure” where you can glide through the ocean with an aqua scooter. Your guide will take you to some of the islands best snorkelling locations where you can admire the beautiful underwater landscapes and spot the interesting marine life for yourself.

  • Underwater Exploration Institute - Explore the mysteries of the deep in this interactive institute. Featuring a whole range of exciting, and interesting activities, from stepping into a shark cage, discovering historical treasures as well as taking a virtual submarine dive. The institute offers a lot of fun a knowledge and is ideal for families to visit.

  • Aquarium, Museum and Zoo - If you are looking to learn a bit more about the island and the nature and history both within and around Barbados then why not visit The Barbadian Aquarium, Museum and Zoo The one place sharks live in harmony with flamingos. Encounter a gigantic tortoise, a huge coral reef exhibit and a few surprises.

  • Food and Restaurants - Check out Bermuda’s restaurants and bars to discover the various cuisines and cocktails available throughout the beautiful island. Your experience in Bermuda won’t be complete unless you take a traditional codfish breakfast with potatoes or a Sunday brunch which is an age-old tradition that Bermudians follow. Another old tradition is the Afternoon Tea, traditional British tea served on pot with cookies, tea sandwiches, sweets and many other goodies. You will find almost all Bermudians virtually addicted to this. 

  • Festivals and Events - Due to the rich and diverse cultures found in Bermuda, you will find a whole host of events and festivals to enjoy. Ranging from cultural programs, live music, dance performances, art and food festivals as well as sporting events the island really does boast a whole host of culturally rich events. It’s a great way to meet with the locals and understand their culture & traditions.

  • Nightlife - Bermuda’s nightlife offers a variety of bars and pubs to visit, to enjoy the local culture with music and a drink, but the real action happens May – October where the island hosts several night festivals, probably the most popular being the Harbor Nights located with the capitol Hamilton, offering a range of island vendors and food whilst taking in the iconic Bermuda festival spirit.

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