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The tropical nation of Antigua and Barbuda with its friendly people, gorgeous weather, 365 beautiful beaches, and a wide selection of accommodations draw visitors to these two islands.


If you are leaving from the UK please check this destinations website for entry requirements along with those of the UK for your return.

Antigua & Barbuda are located in the middle of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean, roughly 17 degrees north of the equator. Antigua was populated by Amerindian tribes when Christopher Columbus “discovered” it in 1493. He named the island “Santa Maria de la Antigua”.

The current population for Antigua nation is approximately 68,000. Temperatures generally range from the mid-seventies in the winter to the mid-eighties in the summer. Annual rainfall averages only 45 inches, making Antigua the sunniest of the Eastern Caribbean Islands, and the northeast trade winds are nearly constant, flagging only in September. Low humidity year-round. The coolest hours throughout the country are after the sun has gone down, when the temperature can drop to two to four degrees less than daylight hours.

With the steady trade winds blowing from the northeast, this can make evenings a little chilly for some visitors. No matter where you go in Antigua, you won’t be far from beautiful beaches, stunning accommodations, and fascinating history. Because of this, you’ll need to do a bit of research to help you decide exactly where you’d like to go. There’s so much to do that travellers can never see it all in just one trip, so plan well to make your trip to Antigua a dream come true.

Somethings you might light to see and do:


  • Antigua & Barbuda Nightlife - Most of the nightlife is centred in St John’s, although hotels and casinos around the islands usually provide in-house entertainment for both hotel guests and non-residents. Casinos generally offer more than just gambling; live music, restaurants and bars are standard in most, and there are even gyms and Internet access in some. A wide choice of restaurants and bars around the main tourist areas offer international and authentic Caribbean food.

  • Island Historic Sights - St John’s offers several interesting historic sights, including the Anglican Cathedral of St John the Divine, between Long and Newgate streets. The Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, in the former courthouse at Church and Market streets, has several hands-on exhibits. It’s easy to travel down to historic Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour, one of the Caribbean’s best-preserved historic districts and the only Georgian-era dockyard still in use; in addition to a museum, it’s filled with shops and restaurants.

  • Exploring Further Afield - Antigua’s sister island, Barbuda, is just 42km (26 miles) north and can be visited easily either by a 15-minute flight or 90-minute ferry ride from St John’s. Day tours to see the island’s famed Pink Beach and bird sanctuary are easy to arrange but can be costly.

  • Family Fun - Sailing and snorkelling trips, most of which leave from Dickenson Bay or Jolly Harbour. A rainforest canopy zip-line tour, on Fig Tree Drive at the island’s southern end, will please both kids and adults. ‘Stingray City Antigua’, in Seaton’s Village, offers an opportunity to interact with stingrays in safe and controlled conditions.

  • Cricket - Dabble in the other national game of cricket. The sport is played to the highest international standard as well as by enthusiastic amateurs in villages all over the islands. Antigua produced one of the finest cricketers the game has ever seen, Viv Richards.

  • Island Safari - Take this exciting Island Safari tour and you’ll never look at island exploration the same again. Strap into the back of one of the custom made Land Rover Defenders and hold on for the ride of your life! You are about to go where other tours dare not venture. Skilled drivers will drive you through the rough terrain of the mostly uncharted and illusive Anitguan country sides where you’ll get to be up close and personal with the exotic plants and animals seen no where else on the island.

  • Deep Sea Fishing - This is an exciting half or full day at sea for the serious fisherman. Experience the excitement of fishing Marlin, King fish, Wahoo, Shark or Barracuda, in the Atlantic waters of Antigua. Deep sea fishing on Antiqua is known as trawling - the baited lines are cast out on fixed outriggers until there is a “strike” then you will move into the “fighting chair” and haul the fish in.

  • Snorkelling - A diverse tour taking advantage of some of the islands main attractions. Enjoy a wide array of activities including snorkelling and sightseeing. This tour is an all in one combo and a fun packed excursion for the whole family! Start with a Caribbean and open ocean sail, passing Devil’s Bridge on the way. Then enjoy snorkelling and a visit to the deserted beach before eating a delicious lunch. Later, enjoy an informative guided tour of Nelson’s Dockyard, the English Harbour dockyard that was established in 1725. Today Nelson’s Dockyard has been restored and is now the only Georgian dockyard in the world.

  • Antigua Helicopter Tour - Helicopter tours offer a variety of truly amazing panoramic delights, priceless memories and photographic opportunities for both around the island tours and Montserrat volcano tour. Flights can be arranged for a 45 minute Montserrat Volcano Tour.



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