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Affectionately known as 'Little England' Barbados is a surprisingly diverse island with beautiful beaches, stunning natural beauty and a very warm welcome!

Barbados known as “Little Britain” is really five islands in one; firstly, the South Coast known as the ‘vibrant south coast’ has a great deal to offer in entertainment and culinary experiences. Entertainment centres in and around the world renowned St Lawrence Gap. Here you will find bars and clubs where you can dance away the night until the early hours. Restaurants range in choice, all along this coast from Bridgetown to Oistins. Here you are able to choose from Bajan specialities, Caribbean fusion, French, Italian, & European delights. Not forgetting of course the fabulous fresh, ‘just landed’ fish selections cooked by local Bajan people at the ‘Oistins Fish Fry’. Friday evening at Oistins is the place {no pun intended} to saviour these dishes. Beaches along this coastline enjoy, on most days, a gentle on shore breeze which is most welcome during the hotter than usual days. Temperatures on Barbados island range from 25°C to 30°C as an average throughout the year. On the coast, just east of Bridgetown, is the Barbados’s Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison area. In 2011, it was inscribed as a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage Site.

Going clockwise next is the West Coast, known as the ‘platinum coast’. This part of the island faces the Caribbean Sea and the waters are mostly calm with very little onshore breezes. Fabulous soft-sand beaches fringe this side of the island. Staying in a hotel, apartment or villa on this coast fringing the ocean will cost a little more as they tend to be 4* and upwards. Some restaurants on this coastline have world recognition The Cliff and Daphne’s immediately come to mind.

Next is the North Coast, wow what a difference you will notice here. This could be a coastline in Cornwall with some high cliffs and Atlantic ‘rollers ‘crashing into the cliff face shooting high in the air. Almost unbelievable but nonetheless a must see.

From here, you wander through open countryside, some stunning views from the hillside as you return to sea level and the East Coast. On this coast, it is not advisable to swim, surf or windsurf as the currents and under-currents are very strong. There is very little development here because of this but the benefit is you have a stunning natural coastline and beach to observe. If you are the ‘beachcombing’ type, you are in paradise. You have approximately nine miles of beach to comb when the tide is out.

When the tide is out it reseeds to the edge of a reef running parallel to this coast. It leaves small pools to dip in and out of, a great ‘cool down’ when the sun is strong.

Next, we arrive on the Southeast Coastline. Surfer, Windsurfer, Stand-up Paddle Surfer, Kite Surfer you are in paradise +1. There are areas to cater for beginners to experienced surfers so enjoy yourself. One thing to remember whilst on the beach or in the sea is that you are not far from the equator so the sun is very strong, high facture sunscreen is vital!

General information:-

History buffs have plenty to occupy themselves, the Garrison Historic Area, Holetown and Oistins are a must visit.
Barbados’s original incumbents were Arawak Indians and were preceded by the Caribs. Barbados first appeared on Spanish maps in 1511 and they called it “Los Barbudos”. English captain John Powell, is alleged to be one of the first to land on the island and erected a cross with the inscription “for James King of England”. This part of Barbados is to this day known as St James. You will notice many references to both British places and people as you travel around; for example Brighton, Hastings, and Carlisle. Carlisle Bay being a magnificent bay named after James Hay, the 1st Earl of Carlisle in 1627.

Things to do

Much more than just the sun, sea and sand usually associated with a Caribbean island, Barbados has an incredible range of holiday activities for almost every interest and taste. In fact Barbados boasts more attractions per square mile than any other Caribbean island..



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